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Swearing alternatives for Kids!

Children & Swearing what are our alternativesSo one of my new years resolution was to swear less and use alternative words to express my Frustration or Amazement or Delight or Shock or Enthusiasm…

I realized I had become lazy and that instead of being creative, I was using a few  “choice” words to express a variety of different emotions.  SO now I am on the hunt for alternatives to swear words…

What do you reckon? In the past,  instead of Fbomb I have used other “expressive words” – in the 80’s it was “Fudge”, in the 90’s it was “Refridgerator”, in the 2000’s it was “FAROUT or CRIKEY”, whats our new alternative in the Teens? Lately its been FLIP but its just not cutting it!!!

I swear more when I’m around people who swear alot and I realized its in their energy field and we blend… Its the same when we pick up on sadness, happiness and success in other peoples energy fields too.

The more we spend time with them, and have conversations with them, our vocabularies, energies and attitudes begin to blend. (Have you ever noticed how Dogs begin to look like their owners, its the same energy connection thing)…

I know that when I am in the healing room, a swear word would sometimes pop out and clients eyes would bulge out and then a huge sigh of relief and nervous laughter would come out of them as they realized I was certainly not some holyer than thou unaccessable shaman in white, but that I was just like them, simply having been on the path a little longer and so was sharing from my heart what I have known to be true both verbally AND eneretically to allow them to feel healthier and happier and a little further energetically on their path of soul realization if they choose… no biggy and sometimes when the S bomb popps out it eases the air as they feel more at ease as they swear too.

Swearing & KIds with Lyza Saint AmbrosenaA Classic Story of mine about swearing is driving my children around the Los Angeles chaos (When we lived there,  ( 3 lads under 5 Thank you very much, they’re awesome). Then, the only time I swore, was in traffic when I got a shock! Someone unexpectedly pulling out in front of us, or stopping quickly, etc and I would let out a loud S*^T !!! So we’d be driving around the massive busy roads, often 8 lane highways and wild busy inner city streets, Santa Monica or along the Pacific Coast Highway near the beaches (where Bay watch was filmed) and one time I had to pull up quickly in the car and I didnt swear ….but from the back seat, happy as larry, in their car seats my 2 eldest kids yelled out S*^T together!!!

Well I laughed so hard and was trying to hide it, as they had no idea what they’d said, they simply assumed it was what was said when feeling shocked in traffic (because that’s what mummy did)!

Funny right! They do what we do right!?! They’re teens now and I am still wanting to set an example that seems less lazy and more articulate…

SO hence my quest for alternatives to swear words…

I’d love to hear your alternatives… I’m not saying its wrong, its just not right for me right now and I’d love to hear your stories too xxx and your alternatives to swearing  jot them down below 🙂

Blessings for a Brilliant week ahead! x me

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  1. My dad always said tijuana ( place in Mexico)
    Instead of swearing and his friend used the word

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