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What do Multiple Numbers mean?

Many of us are seeing multiple numbers on clocks, speedometers, licence plates, letter boxes, everywhere. Here’s a breif summary of what these may mean, of course, always trust your instincts and inner knowing,… endeavour to remember what it is you have been thinking about prior to seein the numbers… this helps !

New Beginnings
A fresh Start
You are limitless

The Beginning of a New Path
Your thoughts are Aligned and Manifested
Your Real Self

A Wake Up Call
A Cosmic Yes
Remember Your Path


New ideas are being realised
Symbol of New Beginnings
The Next Step In Your Path
Fresh Air in Your Daily Routine


Ascended Masters Showering you with Love
The Trinity
Mind, Body, Spirit
Truth & Unity


Angels surround and support you
Angels are with you
Signs and synchronicities
Comfort and protection


Changes are in Progress breathe and step up
Signifies Change
A time of Preparation
A New Wave of Energy


Focus on your Heart not head
Re-evaluate the Situation
Question Your Assumptions
Challenge Your Beliefs

Release Your Fears
Let Go of Control
Find Your Inner Strength

Infinite Flow in Your Life
Manifesting and Abundance
Balance of the Spiritual and the Physical


Signifies Completion
Encouragement, Manifesting, Abundance
A Sign to Move On
A Point of Closure


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