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The magic of “Intention” for Healing

Healing with Lyza Saint AmbrosenaToday as I prepare for healings I feel my hands switch on… tingling sensations, heat, I even feel the chakras starting to spin in my palms, try it… then I feel the heat warm all through my body up to my heart centre where I intend to remain all day till the final client is safely in their car off driving home…
It takes alot to stay in the “Intention” of healing all day, though it is one of the most rewarding experiences to watch lives change, tears fall, hearts open and prayers be answered through the loving guidance and energy that surrounds both of us in the healing experience…
For me it is a physical cellular and energetic experience at the same time… I feel blood, bones, meridians, & organs realign and ignite again as the body realigns its own energy circuitry for peace/harmony,
Like a plumber and an electrician at the same time… cleaning & reigniting… as if rewiring the body for regeneration and thereby peace and love <3 I wish you all a beautiful healing, switched on day too … blessings and LOVE , Lyza

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