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Look for divine messages everyday…

Sometimes messages of reassurance that we are on the right path come along when we least expect them and MOST NEED THEM.

Heart shaped rocks I found during one walk along the beach with Cameron.. looks like love to me .

Heart shaped rocks I have found walking along the beach with Cameron

Remember they dont always have to come from a psychic or medium, or be a blinding flash of lightening or a ground shaking earthquake. Many people see signs as something more subtle such as:

+a white feather that appears from no where,

+or a song that comes on the radio at just the right time to bring tears to your eyes when you needed to be reminded that you are loved…

+for some it is the symbol of butterflies or dragonflies flying nearby to remind them that they are loved by loved ones who have passed over…

+ for others it is roses, either in a garden, a vase, or in images.

+ sometimes its a certain smell or animal that reminds them they are special and protected

Here's a heart shape I found in the street in Sydney! AMAZING! Had to take a quick pic to share!

Here’s a heart shape I found in the street in Sydney! AMAZING! Had to take a quick pic to share!

My own personal favourites are things from nature that I find in the shape of hearts…  You can see examples here, of a rock in the shape of a heart from the beach of even on the street in Sydney near the opera house…

Remember the Universe and ALL its infinite potential is seeking to fulfill your heartfelt dreams and desires… stay focused on them… and look for positive signs that you are on your way… We receive what we stay focused on and love its truly that simple…

Look for simple divine messages all around you everyday! They are there… seek & you shall find 🙂

Wishing you a brilliant week!

Love, Lyza


6 comments on “Look for divine messages everyday…
  1. Katie on said:

    Love the heart shaped stones – I do keep an eye out for such messages, and receive them often…. love and blessings, Lyza

  2. Christine on said:

    Lyza, thank you so much for your email, it was something I really needed at that time. I took your advise, I sat in my back yard amongst the gum trees, and spoke to my angels asking them for a positive sign about a particular subject. I said please send me a white feather if it is a yes and I need it as soon as possible like now, l didn’t want to wait 3 days. So after my talk with my angels I walked 8 steps to my right and there at my feet was the most magnificent black feather with a striking green edge. It wasn’t white but it was beautiful. I looked up what a black feather meant and it said that it is more powerful than a white feather and that I will have big changes in my life at a soul level. I am excited about this and will try to go with the flow with what ever happens.
    I would like to thank you for caring and of course my magnificent angels who are always there when I need them.
    Thank you love
    Christine xxx

  3. Belinda Johnson on said:

    I just want to say a huge thank you for your email that I received today. It was just what I needed as I have been feeling a little lost. In last couple of days I haven’t been sure of where I’m going or if I’m on the right path but your message has helped give me some relief, I think this itself is a sign.
    Much love,
    Belinda xx

  4. Len Hay on said:

    Hi Lyza,
    For years I desperately looked for spiritual signs, any type would have done. I felt I was so intensely curious and yet missing out when others had seen so much personal evidence of life beyond the grave and the forces outside of ourselves that I knew was there. I was quite jealous of people who had seen and interacted with spirits, etc.

    Now I am a little more in tune to see those uniquely personal signs that perhaps I had not been seeing. Call it cognitive dissonance, a very popular human condition that we all share I know. I have seen signs, yes, even the white feathers, in places where it was impossible to see how they got there, especially in confined interior places. I have my eyes, ears and senses open now so I am actively looking and projecting out there what it is I really want for my life.

    Many Thanks, Len

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