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Women have the ability to heal their deepest wounds successfully and completely

“Over the years I have found that there are so many great women who soldier on in life, but who are in great need of healing at their core essence.

When a woman arrives for healing who has been recommended to come to me for healing by a friend, I know there is a deep knowing between them of the depth of suffering a woman is able to hold within her and still function. Often times this is to the detriment of her health, her family, her mental balance and her livelihood.

It is such an honour and pleasure to see the difference in a woman between when she first lies down on my table, and when she gets up. Every client is astounded by the different look in their eyes after the session… the eyes, the window to the soul, show the healing immediately.

They often state that they feel like they have dropped 10 years from how they look and feel, with the most common comment being that they feel lighter, that they feel like a great weight has been lifted.

I encourage all women who are not experiencing their full potential to see a soul healer.  My experience has shown me that the true release of all sadness pain and fear associated with traumatic life experiences can and is possible. I heal and work with healing deep emotional traumas daily, including molestation, rape, oppression, repression, mental and physical abuse, relationship stress, guilt from infidelity and absolute exhaustion that comes from living an in-authentic life.

With every healing session I feel blessed, grateful and humbled by the resulting transformation within my clients hearts, minds, bodies and within their very being. I look forward to being able to assist you with reconnecting you with your deepest essence, your soul, your heartfelt presence and the oneness that I know we all desire.”

With Blessings,  Lyza Saint Ambrosena


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