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Treatments for Men


Cranial Sacral Therapy has been successful in bringing about rapid transformation in the lives of men who have found that their routine lives have been lacking in motivation, success, fulfilling relationships and authenticity.

When the inner workings of the spine, neck, back and digestive system have been compromised by injury or repetitive behaviours or by repeated pressure from parents as a child, from peers or from co-workers, this can have a dramatic impact on the way a person interacts with their world.

By gently releasing the pressure on a cellular level by using very light touch and subtle yet powerful manipulation of the vertebrae, neck, skull and diaphragms within the body then it instantly changes the biochemical reactions in the body and brain, which have a direct impact on a persons emotional, mental, spiritual and physical reactions to the world, thereby opening them up to a whole new ability to see, experience and receive more positive experiences in their lives, with relationships, finances, career, family life, sexual intimacy, reigniting a sense of inner strength, peace and self worth that has often been missing for years.

Lyza works with men, women, children and entire families for genuine, permanent change within the lives of those she works with.

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Sessions with Lyza have helped me gain clarity, fired up my passion, and assisted me to feeling healthier and happier.  Her sessions are holistic, going right to the source to clear deeply engrained emotions, thought patterns and health issues.

Lyza handles all topics with compassion, non-judgment and wisdom.  She is clear and direct and sometimes quite humorous, making sessions fun and relaxed.  Every time we speak, Lyza helps me develop a richer connection with the spiritual vibrance of life.

With her help, I am aligning with my highest potential.   Thank You, Lyza!

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Testimonials from men just like you or your partner:

Today I received a healing from Lyza Saint Ambrosena. Lyza is one of those extraordinary beings who somehow come into your life when you need to meet them.

She is an amazing healer who blends learned skills such as craniosacral therapy, psychology and therapy related to neck, back and spinal health with a deeply moving intuitive and spiritual process that is actually difficult to describe because it’s different at each healing.

Lyza can see and feel “stuck” energy in our physical and energetic bodies resulting from current and past events in this and possibly other lives, which is literally stopping or slowing the “flow” into the higher “calling” most of us so long to connect with. The result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Apart from feeling and experiencing the effect of energy blocks being freed and the resulting rush of new life surging throughout the body, the accompanying letting go and freeing of old pain is at the same time cathartic, exciting and intensely moving.” 

Hey Lyza, Just wanted to say thanks for your amazing healing work. Your guidance, positive attitude and loving heart is inspirational. You have helped me through a difficult time since my neck injury. It continues to improve and is feeling great, couldn’t have done it without you…

Hi Lyza, today was so overwhelming the energy was so powerful and intense my whole body was shaking and sweating. This much strength I have never felt before. I  loved what you did for me, look forward to our next time, Love n light,