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Lyza has worked with hundreds of couples whose relationship experience has grown more intimate, honest, genuine, passionate, fun loving, adventurous, creative, positive and sensually rewarding.

Sometimes in relationships there comes a time when old patterns resurface either from childhood, or from former relationships. Often these patterns can cause unrest in the current relationship that have no basis but are simply old expectations from past relationships and we don’t know how to change this or change the unconscious sabotaging behaviour.

  • Wanting to experience more emotional intimacy with your partner but not sure how to change the dynamic you are both in?
  • Ever feel like you are unconsciously sabotaging your relationship?
  • Do you find it hard to keep a relationship once you have found a relationship you genuinely care about?
  • Are you finding it hard to move on emotionally and mentally from an old relationship?
  • Can’t figure out why you have recreated your parent’s relationship dynamic within  your own relationship?

These old experiences and expectations from past relationships or from childhood can come out in unconscious behaviour that subtly or not so subtly undermines the new relationship. This is when we see patterns forming in our partner that our old partner, or father or mother used to display. Somehow our own unconscious behaviour based on these old patterns, there by encourages these behaviours from our ex-partners (or parents) to arise in our new partners.

Some of these unconscious behaviours can directly sabotage our new relationships. Often we are aware that we are sabotaging a relationship new or old, but we are not aware of how to stop the sabotage behaviour.

Sometimes we unconsciously recreate our parent’s relationship with our partner, because the relationship between our parents is the first significant relationship we learn as children hence this is where we subconsciously learned how couples relate to each other.

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Testimonials from people just like you or your partner:


Wow Lyza has helped us immensely! Especially as a couple. Lyza has helped us with everything from releasing heavy mother issues, self doubt, old ex partner hurts, and even as far as helping us to communicate with our beloved dog who had passed over, bringing much needed peace and understanding to my heart.  There is no problem that Lyza cannot shed light on and help you to resolve either yourself or with her own healing hands. Sharing this experience with your partner only opens and strengthens the existing bond you already have, while learning to help each other with any issues that pop up over the course of your lives ahead.

We see Lyza more regularly than our dentist! Her work is something very special that is hard to clarify unless you have experienced it yourself. You walk out lighter, clearer, calmer, happier and more sure than ever before. Thank you Lyza! We love your work!

I was thinking about you today and was going to send you a message to say how amazing I feel this week – Nothing seems to worry me, things are aligning so amazingly at work, I went for a walk and had more energy than I have felt in more than 2 years.  I also have previously experienced thrush and managed it via a naturopath, however it had returned over the past few months and was considering going back to a Naturopath, but amazingly it seems to have gone away since seeing you on Saturday!!

I also had an interesting meditation on Monday night where I saw “something” leave me…..not sure what it was, but it seemed that a part of me that I no longer needed in my life got up and left!! Had never experienced anything like this before but it felt so good, so right.

Is all of this possible in just one session?  It must be and I am so grateful to you…..

I also can’t wait to hear more about the program you are going to be running in the future, which I spoke to my husband about and he is keen to know more about it also.

Thank you again, Megan