Lyza Saint Ambrosena

The Infinite Reconnection Weekend Retreat……. September 2019


Come and enjoy a weekend with a tribe of funny, human, soulfull, fun, honest, joyful, caring, musicians, yogi’s, Qi-Gong, beginners, advanced, teachers, Healers, & Like-Minded Journeyers.”

Live-in retreat – Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday –  September 20,21,22

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Remember & Reconnect,

  • Yoga, meditation, laughter, relaxing, nature, healthy food and a sense of Connection with others is essential for our well-being, peace of mind, and spiritual growth.

    WHEN:  From 3pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday  till 3pm

DATE: September 20,21,22

WHERE: Gold Coast Hinterland – 45 mins from Gold Coast




$100 DEPOSIT  CLICK HERE ( RESERVE MY SPACE with Payment plan) – Ph: 0400005741)


FAMILY MEMBER for 1/2 price $177.50 – (When you pay full price, bring with you a family member – Mother, father, husband, wife or child over 20 for 1/2 price)   CLICK HERE

Join us for a holistic beautiful, fun, weekend, in nature, with your like minded, soulfull tribe.

Everything is OPTIONAL you can join in or relax ~ Your ReConnection ReTeat program includes;

  • ACCOMMODATION PROVIDED – bring own bedding & pillow
  • VEGETARIAN FOOD – Healthy, Delicious, Nutritious,
  • YOGA Guided by experienced teachers for beginners and advanced
  • MUSIC – Great Musicians join us for live intimate concerts.
  • MUSICAL JAM listen or bring your own instruments & join in.
  • QI GONG Meditation in motion.
  • FIRE PIT with Music & ceremony
  • MEDITATION, guided by different teachers throughout the weekend
  • MINDFULNESS – Awareness and Energy teachings
  • NATURE TIME – visit waterfalls, bush walks, sacred rocks and river
  • SILENT TIME – to reconnect within
  • SWIMMING –Natural pristine surroundings and river to swim in
  • REFLECTING – journaling, inner awareness opportunities
  • GOLD COAST HINTERLAND – 45 minutes from Gold Coast
  • RECONNECTING to body, mind, soul, nature and each other.



Sleeping sheets/bags, blankets etc, Pillow, Toiletries, Swimsuits, Towel(s), Walking Shoes, Flip flops, Relaxing clothes, Warm jacket or scarf or poncho for around the fire,  Yoga gear, Yoga Mats, Yoga cushions, Beanie, Instruments, Water Bottle,  Deck chair, Your favorite Journal and coloring pencils, pens etc.  Ear plugs, (Alcohol and Drug free weekend), Bring any crystals or scarves that are a part of your spirituality at home or bring a special item to place in the Centre Mandala to charge up for the weekend to take home with you and bring your beautiful soul ready for a wonderful Infinite Re Connection Re TREAT Weekend.  

ARRIVE ANY TIME AFTER 3PM FRIDAY or AFTER WORK: to settle in and enjoy nature..

5pm YOGA: Option to enjoy nature or join in with some dusk sunset yoga.

6pm VEGETARIAN DINNER: Time in nature followed by a delicious healthy vegetarian meal.


Possible Fireside Ceremonies with Lyza, weather Permitting

soulman O'Gaia

Raku One O’Gaia is a multi instrumentalist, international, musical artist whose spirit infused music engages with joy, depth and meaning. His wonderful energy comes through in his music. He has featured at The Brisbane Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, International Sydney Mind Body Spirit Festival and The Global Carnival among others. He is support to The Commitments on the Brisbane leg of their next Australian tour.

He’ll share in song & spoken word the spiritual and emotional insights from his latest album “Freedom Songs”  featuring soulful & uplifting songs connecting people to their inner joy as they share it with everyone in the audience

Lyza Saint Ambrosena, Healer & Teacher has facilitated over 250 events to bring participants to a deeper connection and understanding of themselves through Ceremony, Teachings and Meditation. Weather permitting, we’ll be connecting around the fire tonight with music.

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reconnection retreat lyza saint ambrosena


SATURDAY & SUNDAY: This weekend we’ll experience together different forms of YOGA at Sunrise and sunset, as well as Meditation, Sacred Teachings from different teachers, Reconnecting, Silent time in nature, Healthy meals, dance, music and many heart opening experiences.  Nature Time, Swimming (Optional),  Journaling, Reflection Time, Beautiful soul nourishing Vegetarian Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners.



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Avishai Barnatan with the Infinite Connection

The Soundshower combines chimes, tibetan bowls, flutes and vocal harmonics. During a session you will be invited to lie down and immerse in vibrations created by these special instruments.

Throughout the “Shower” different instruments are carried around the room and sometimes placed physically on the body.
Flutes and voice are used to create a magical musical journey and overtones charge the brain and energize the body.
The aluminum chimes which are at the centre of the Soundshower are tuned to the earth year tone. This tone is the sound created by the earth’s movement around the Sun. The 32nd octave of this movement is C# at 136.1 hertz.

Music played by instruments tuned to the earth year frequency naturally slows down brainwave activity and heart rate and induces a deep meditative state. Being exposed to these healing frequencies enhances a physical , mental and emotional calibration to the human body and energy field .

basia 2

Basia Nowacki is a qualified yoga and meditation teacher, known for her down-to-earth kindness and warm and calming spirit. She teachers and inspires acceptance of what is, living in the present moment, connecting to one’s essence and higher self, and integrating yoga into daily life.

Basia studied classical yoga in the Desikachar tradition with Dr Michael de Manincor at the Yoga Institute and was the senior yoga teacher at the award-winning eco retreat, Billabong Retreat, for seven years.

A qualified transpersonal coach through Nature Care College, Basia helps facilitate higher awareness and body–mind wisdom, to support people in finding clarity and reclaiming the life they deserve and desire to live.

Basia 3

Basia is also an extraordinary artist who uses meditation to guide her creativity, thus revealing intuitive works that are themselves vessels for inner enquiry. She has won awards for her art since childhood and most recently exhibited as a solo artist at the Hawkesbury Regional Gallery.


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Register me now: $355 Early Bird –

 (Payment Plans Available – CLICK HERE with $100 Depost )

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Cameron Monley will lead us through meditation, to reconnect deeply within to your infinite self. A highlight of the retreat, for some who haven’t meditated for a while, or who have never meditated, Cameron shares his simple techniques to reconnect with your inner sanctuary, your peace and bliss. Breathe.

reconnection retreat cameron monley



Your hosts Cameron and Lyza have run over 300 heart opening events through their INFINITE CONNECTION EVENTS including retreats, meditation evenings, gatherings with multiple guest presenters from all over the world. They teach Mens and Womens circles, healing circles and sacred energy teachings.

Their presence is infectious with the spirit of love, goodwill and fellowship. Each of them will be teaching on the weekend retreat offering heart warming wisdom and tools to ignite your spirit and guide you into expanding your own re-connection with  your own Source of light, love and wellbeing that we all share.

Lyza is an experienced International Healer, Mentor, Teacher and Soul Guide and Cameron’s back ground includes 20 years in the outback as a policeman in aboriginal communities and as an entrepreneur in the Health and Wellbeing sector, he now gives back through his events and mens work and has worked to bring Communities together for over 20 years.

Your Hosts are married nutters who love everything that brings them closer to the sense of oneness that flows through all things, including nature, the divine, and our hearts. Hence the name the Infinite Connection.

reconnection re treat


EVENT  DATE Friday 20 Sept to Sunday 3pm  Sept 22,

WHERE 3360 Nerang Murwillimbah Road, Natural Bridge 4211




$100 DEPOSIT  CLICK HERE ( RESERVE MY SPACE with Payment plan) – Ph: 0400005741)


FAMILY MEMBER for 1/2 price $177.50 – (When you pay full price, bring with you a family member – Mother, father, husband, wife or child over 20 for 1/2 price)   CLICK HERE




Payment Plans available with a $100 deposit CLICK HERE TO PAY VIA PAYMENT PLAN

Contact Cameron on 0414714948 or

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