Lyza Saint Ambrosena

See Lyza at the Health Harmony and Soul Expo

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I love having a booth at Expo’s, because Cameron and I get to connect with face book friends & new friends face to face, I do healings & he shares The Infinite Connection Events, its like extending our spirit family…

I am presenting on the Main Stage, click to the below youtube to get a feel into what I do. I will be offering 1 on1 first time healing sessions ($55 -30 mins) for new clients only. ~ Come along, we’d love to meet you or see you if we havn’t seen you in a while heart emoticon There are links below…

If you’d like to book in for first time healings at the show in advance ph:0400005741 –
If you’d like to book in for a full healing experience with my guides and I before or after the expo click here 

Lyza Saint Ambrosena

You can buy your tickets for the little light fair online here to avoid the lines at the door ~
It will be lovely to see you  sincerely Lyza & Cameron

Lyza Saint Ambrosena channels energy through her hands and body, directed by a series of healing guides; opening hearts, healing minds & bodies and delivering life changing soul reconnection. She often works with other healers to enhance their connection to guidance for their healing, and reconnects clients to passed loved ones opening a door to the other side for reconciliation.

Lyza facilities regular healing meditation events offering opportunities to reconnect with your core essence. Teaching ancient and current techniques that strengthen an infinite connection.

Lyza Saint Ambrosena The Infinite Connection

Lets Journey in the light with Lyza as she guides  us through one of her heart felt Meditations that we all know and love her for. She has an amazing connection with Spirit.

Lyza and Cameron at the infinite connection

Cameron Monley and Lyza Saint Ambrosena are committed to bringing quality experts from the alternative health, yoga, meditation, healthy eating, wellness and spiritual growth industries together and call these regular gatherings of like minded locals from both Gold Coast and Brisbane, The Infinite Connection –  an organisation that promotes and networks with people wanting more out of life.

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EVENT  DATE Friday, Saturday, Sunday 19 to 21 January

WHERE Gold Coast Convention Centre


LOCATION Corner of TE Peters Drive and Gold Coast Highway
Broadbeach, QLD 4218

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