Lyza Saint Ambrosena

An intimate musical evening: Reflections – Indian inspired music and dance with the music from Yatra.

Lyza and I are excited to invite you to an intimate night of beautiful music, food and Friendship…


Bring a plate of food to share for 6pm and be part of our infinite connection community where you can experience current and ancient modalities that uplift body, mind and spirit. Read our Vision

COST: $25.. Prebooking is essential as numbers are limited to 50 people.

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Sudha Manian and Yatra

Deeply rooted in Indian classical music traditions, Sudha Manian started her training in Indian classical music and dance: Sitar and Bhartnatyam at the age of nine with her Gurus in Hyderabad, India. Wholeheartedly committed to her art, Sudha gave numerous stage performances and participated in various music and dance competition throughout her school and college years, earning her degree in dance and sitar as a young woman before immigrating to Australia.

As a solo artist in Australia Sudha has performed traditional Indian classical music on a number of platforms and has collaborated with other diverse artists to compose, create and perform fusion / world music.

Considered one of the finest sitar players
in all of Queensland, in 2016 she was a featured musician on BEMAC’s Culture Train and has performed at numerous festivals throughout the country, including the Brisbane International Jazz Festival , Festuri Festival, Shepperton Music Festival among others.

Most recently, Sudha has formed a prodigious group called “Yatra”, a quartet whose roots are steeped in Indian classical music. Meaning a journey, “Yatra” is a neoclassical band comprising sitars, a didgeridoo, a bass, tabla, and vocals. Together “Yatra” creates a perfectly orchestrated sound evoking a cocktail of emotions and an orchard of stories.


John Varney- Double Bass will also be present for the night..  John is an established professional double bass player with professional distinction in virtually all areas of music. Apart from his ongoing relationship with jazz, he has played in almost all of Australia’s symphony orchestras, led a highly successful salsa band for many years and has professionally performed in Persian, Turkish and, more recently, Indian ensembles.

His expertise has seen him teaching in both the jazz and classical areas of Queensland Conservatorium, performing at jazz festivals in Queensland and New South Wales and holding residencies at Brisbane jazz Club and both Jupiter’s and Treasury casinos.

A graduate of S. Cecilia Conservatorium, Rome, Italy, where he studied with the eminent double-bassist and pedagogue, Mo. Franco Petracchi, he has performed professionally in Europe, South America and the U.S.A.
He is currently active as a freelance double bassist, band-leader, composer, arranger and ethnomusicologist.


Rajiv Pandit moved to Brisbane, Australia from Kenya in his teens. He studied Civil Engineering at The University of Queensland where he graduated with First Class Honors. Music has always been that thread through his life that has kept him grounded and at peace. Even as a kid in Kenya, he remembers fondly how his whole family would sit together often to listen to Indian Classical music on the radio. Little did he know just how strongly he was being influenced to delve in to the realm of Raagas.

Having initially taken classical vocal training, he resolved within himself to learn the all so complex instrument, Sitar, which he was drawn to as a kid. He has been studying sitar under the guidance of his teacher, Sudha Manian who is an accomplished sitarist. He aspires that one day he will be able to uplift peoples spirits and bring a true sense of happiness to people merely by strumming the strings of his sitar.

manasa Anantharaman

Manasa (right in the picture) lived in Papua New Guinea for the first eight years of her life where she started dancing Indian Classical Bharathanatyam at the age of four and moved to Brisbane in 2003. It was here that she began pursuing her interest in singing, particularly Indian Carnatic Music, at the age of nine while continuing dancing, making the arts an integral part of her life.

COST: $25.. Prebooking is essential as numbers are limited to 50 people.

Cameron says, “Yes I have a dream”.

I dream of a wonderful community where everyone knows each others names, a community filled with amazing talents and skills where we can celebrate the diversity of being human.

Click though to read more of Camerons Vision.

Cameron Monley and Lyza Saint Ambrosena are committed to bringing quality experts from the alternative health, yoga, meditation, healthy eating, wellness and spiritual growth industries together and call these regular gatherings of like minded locals from both Gold Coast and Brisbane, The Infinite Connection –  an organisation that promotes and networks with people wanting more out of life.


EVENT DATE Friday 12 January 2018  Arrive 6pm for meal to share and music 7pm

Bring a plate of food to share.

WHERE Home of The Infinite Connection LOCATION 382 Tamborine Oxenford Road, Upper Coomera.

COST: $25.. Prebooking is essential as numbers are limited to 50 people.

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PLEASE NOTE:   This is a PRIVATE meeting. If approaching friends, contacts or anyone else please do so by private means, by email or word of mouth, rather than social media or advertising   … This is a non for profit group    Notice This  is a invitation to a PRIVATE Forum for men & women.

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