Lyza Saint Ambrosena

“LIVE HEALINGS” ~ Live Stream Event” with Lyza Saint Ambrosena – “Helping Happiness Linger“

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We’re thrilled to be offering for you to join us LIVE online for Live Healings wherever you are in the world, in your own time (our online healing events are recorded so you can watch it later with your exclusive membership as part of our online community).



118252.128391d8e24e5f454026d9a7f79f01ac– Wealth and abundance
– Parental patterns that do not serve you
– Energy you have picked up from others
– Past patterns of emotional pain






Lyza Release…

– Fear
– Pain
– Grief
– Shame
– Negative old feelings






118252.d97b036ca99bd4fc1ca9f6bfb59028cfReceive an uplifting transference of energy to...

– Strengthen your guidance and intuition
– Enhance your freedom of self-expression
– Heartfelt feelings of openness, connection & self-acceptance




Join here: for your special introductory offering as part of our Infinite Connection family.

Your membership gives you exclusive access to:

– LIVE ONLINE HEALING Live streamed events every month
– Channeling Divine Guidance Live Stream Events
– Excerpts from Significant Channeling and Healing Sessions
– Our Secret Facebook community

In the comfort of your own home, experience the benefits of:
– Increased Self Confidence and Self Esteem
– Clearer Connection to intuition and Inner Peace
– A release of past patterns, emotional pain and mental blocks
– Enhanced freedom of self-expression
– Heartfelt feelings of openness, connection and self-acceptance

From clients who have already experienced the healings online…

“That was so moving and healing. I was meant to be on a plant medicine retreat this weekend that didn’t eventuate and everything seems to have aligned to keep me at home and spend time in my beautiful sanctuary here in Mullum. I find it so hard to sit and give myself time to be still, so the timing of today was perfect. But I still almost left the online meeting at one point, but I felt compelled to stay and then Cam came on and I was so affected by the vulnerability and it felt really confronting. It brought up lots of stuff for me for some reason. Actually the whole session did at different times…I found myself crying a few times…releasing hurt and pain and reminding me to be my authentic self and practice what I preach, so to speak.
Thank you for sharing. Thank you Cam for being so vulnerable.
Thank you so much…I’m very grateful.” Sandy

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