Lyza Saint Ambrosena

Intimate Musical Evening: Multi-instrumental Music with Haitch

Lyza and I are excited to invite you to an intimate night of beautiful music and great food....



Enjoy a shared dinner on the balcony (bring a plate to share),  followed by Multi-instrumental Music with Haitch and end with an accompanied meditation with Lyza Saint Ambrosena.

Bring a plate of food to share and be part of our infinite connection community where you can experience current and ancient modalities that uplift body, mind and spirit. Read our Vision

COST: $25.. Prebooking is essential as numbers are limited to 40 people.

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Haitch is a South East Queensland musician and composer. Bringing a fresh twist to the world music, devotional and yoga scenes, his style is expansive and deep. Sharing music and movement in ‘Yoga Soundcapes’ classes, holding devotional ‘Chanting to Bliss’ concerts & facilitating ‘Soundwaves’ sound healing journeys. Haitch also runs sharing his passion for this technique, used for music and medically diagnosed sleep and breathing disorders. Circular Breath also manufactures a range of telescopic style didgeridoo or ‘Breath Strengthening Pipes’ here in Australia.


Multi-instrumental musician and composer Haitch is coming to the Gold Coast!
Experience a unique moving fusion created with both uncommon and classical instruments. Including Native American flutes, bamboo Suling, slide Didge ,electric Indian zither, trumpet and resonant vocals. Offering you the opportunity to join voices in chanting or simply listen. Chants from sacred the vibrational languages of Sanskrit and Gurmukhi as well and modern English.Hiatch Azimself
Haitch uses ‘live looping’ to create an expansive and deep musical journey.
Experience sound healing focused on cellular level vibrational reset. This human experience we all share. Water is life, sound and vibration the sculptor of its cymatic form. Each of our cells are up to 60% water, ready to respond and realign to the vibrations of life.
The evening session is finished with a Sound waves journey.

Haitch Azimself
During this sonic offering, Haitch brings you deep earthy vibrations of the didgeridoo fused with sacred tones from Sollfegio based math, (the flower of life). Guided healing and meditation led by Lysa Saint Ambrosena mingle with these ancient tones, taking you on a soulful journey of inner wisdom and bliss… Join us in an immersive and empowering evening!

Cameron says, “Yes I have a dream”.

I dream of a wonderful community where everyone knows each others names, a community filled with amazing talents and skills where we can celebrate the diversity of being human.

Click though to read more of Camerons Vision.

Cameron Monley and Lyza Saint Ambrosena are committed to bringing quality experts from the alternative health, yoga, meditation, healthy eating, wellness and spiritual growth industries together and call these regular gatherings of like minded locals from both Gold Coast and Brisbane, The Infinite Connection –  an organisation that promotes and networks with people wanting more out of life.


EVENT DATE Friday 8 June 2018 6pm meal to share 7pm concert

Bring a plate of food to share.

WHERE Home of The Infinite Connection LOCATION 382 Tamborine Oxenford Road, Upper Coomera.

COST: $25.. Prebooking is essential as numbers are limited to 40 people.

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PLEASE NOTE:   This is a PRIVATE meeting. If approaching friends, contacts or anyone else please do so by private means, by email or word of mouth, rather than social media or advertising   … This is a non for profit group    Notice This  is a invitation to a PRIVATE Forum for men & women.

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