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The Gift – Spiritual Development Day – Level 1


Lyza Saint Ambrosena Spiritual Development Courses

The GIft – Spiritual Develpment Day

Discover and Develop your Intuitive Gifts plus tools for how to stay ‘connected’ with your Intuition and true nature.

Surge into Life fully aware, fully empowered, embracing all of your divine awareness, presence, psychic intuition, power and peace.

Learn techniques that …

  • Develop your psychic abilities
  • Empower and strengthen your intuition,
  • Help you to Manifest Quickly
  • Help you to clear fears and patterns
  • Get out of the rut or routines that no longer serve you
  • Open your mind to a future unrestricted by fear.
  • Learn How to Heal relationships easily through the heart.
  • Begin to experience your body as a vehicle of health & longevity, & a source of joy!


The Gift ~ A Spiritual Development & Training Day with Lyza Saint Ambrosena

Join Lyza and others as we learn together to fully embody our full potential  and immerse ourselves in the vibrant energy of these exciting new times.

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This is your kind of workshop if …

  • You are waking up to your intuition and want to share your journey with Like Minded People
  • You’re wanting to learn more about meditation, spirituality and your how to maintain happiness once you’ve found it, rather than having it come and go.
  • You used to dabble in spirituality but feel out of touch?
  • You’re going through a tough time of growth or change and want answers & support.
  • You’re coming out of the spiritual closet?
  • You’ve been too busy to give yourself time to take a break because of work, life, family pressures and you feel like something needs to change


  • Where: The Home of The Infinite Connection ~ 382 Tamborine Oxenford Road, Upper Coomera QLD 4209
  • Date: Saturday January 19, 2019
  • Time: 9am – 5pm
  • Cost: $220 when you Pre-register or $250 on the day
  • For payment plan options SMS ‘Payment Plan Gift’ to 0400 005 741
  • Repeat Attendance: $100 CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Begin to experience your life as an infinite wellspring of joy!


Lyza Saint Ambrosena The Gift Spiritual Development Workshop Gold Coast AustraliaAbout Lyza Saint Ambrosena: 

Lyza Saint Ambrosena has practiced Cranial Sacral Therapy, Energy Healing Bodywork, Regeneration Therapy, and more internationally in New York, Los Angeles, New Zealand and Australia since 1990.

Lyza Saint Ambrosena channels energy through her hands and body, directed by a series of healing guides. This opens hearts, heals old mindsets, and regenerates bodies, while also delivering life changing soul reconnection. She often works with other healers to enhance their connection to guidance for their healing, uses her psychic medium ship when required for healing also.










To find out more or bokk in for one of Lyza’s personal healing sessions before or after ‘The GIFT’ – CLICK HERE

  • Where: The Home of The Infinite Connection ~ 382 Tamborine Oxenford Road, Upper Coomera QLD 4209
  • Date: Saturday January 19, 2019
  • Time: 9am – 5pm
  • Cost: $220 when you PRE REGISTER HERE  or $250 on the day
  • For Payment Plan options SMS ‘Payment Plan Gift’ to 0400 005 741
  • Repeat Attendance: $100 CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
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