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I love practicing the art of detachment from my clients presenting “story”.  No matter what their health conditions, emotional conditions, past experiences, NONE OF IT MATTERS…

what matters is the opportunity and gift we are both given, when they lay down on the healing table…to be able to surrender and transform energetically “all their cells back into the moment”.

To assist them to release the heaviness of grief, trauma, sadness, pain, fear, old programming, parental programming, from their cells, so that their own soul can absorb more intensely into the cells to experience the peaceful state that is their birthright…

Wisp by wisp, breath by breath, tear by tear, release by release.. each and every minute on the Healing Sessions with Lyza Saint Ambrosenatable is precious as they surrender their past “knowings” . Their past “paradigms”, “personal histories”, “judgement s”… and somehow… “forget them”, surrender them.

Gently the cells let go and are replaced with the blessings that have been longing to enter these clients, surround them, nurture them but have not been able to access these beings on my table due to the thick layers of “platitudes”, “beliefs” that sit all around them in judgement…

I love the feeling when a client lets go, I get to experience the “let go” as if it were my own. Like Edgar Cayce who used to heal others by healing the condition or presenting symptom in himself… we let go and are blessed together.

Loving and laughing… surrendering to the light within, separate from any story.

We are Blessed



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