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Absorbing the Sun ~ simple spiritual morning practice to increase your energy x

I awoke before sunrise, as if called by the earth to step outside into the energy of Dawn… beautiful, mystical. We are in a cabin beside the Bogan River, about 3 minutes out of a small in a small country town called Nyngan…. so Cam & I quickly pulled on our sneakers & walking clothes and pulled ourselves out into the country air and energy, watching traces of the sunrays lighting our path, before she actually rose above the horizon…
it was mystical and magical and alive,… so vital…

we broke a sweat as we walked past amazing little country cottages that reminded me of the sort of home my Nana would have lived in, it had that feel… (A butterfly on the wall outside facing the road, a picket fence, a front yard with garden furniture that invited you to sit and tell all your troubles to a Nan), and we walked on till we felt the rays reach close to breaking through, then turned to head back to the camping ground, with the rays at our backs…

As we felt the sun arise and she became a FULLROUND circle we stopped, turned & watched… breathed, still & silent, awake, present, grateful.

My third eye (forehead area) began to glow, as if being recharged, opened. God it was fantastic.

After a few minutes, we both felt “loved” and filled with light, so turned to once again continue our walk, I found that I was seeing and sensing energy everywhere, the trees, and nature, and all around Cameron, it was deeply profound and exciting…

Spirituality, isnt just a moment, it is a way of life, it is filled with simple practises and choice, and opportunities to make the normal everyday moments sacred.

We then found a place in nature near the river, where I felt guided by the energy I was seeing to connect even more deeply together.

Absorbing the sunrise into the 3rd eye forehead helps to awaken your intuition

Absorbing the sunrise into the 3rd eye forehead helps to awaken your intuition

We gazed into the sun some more and then we embraced, we felt our solar plexus open and connect with each other, (the open area beneath the rib cage) and then we gently nestled our forheads together, sharing the energy surge of the sun between our 3rd eyes…




When we finally came apart we felt led to say the Our Father out loud together which is a ritual that Camerons Dad & Mum used to say daily, and my grandparents did also… its a beautiful prayer about asking for heavenly essence to pervade and guide ourlives (google it)…

We arrived back at the cabin, feeling rich with spirit, with life, with love… simple, yet pure and overwhelmingly GRACE filled.

What a blissful way to begin another God given, beautiful, sacred day on this awesome planet of ours… I simply wanted to share, cause I know some of you love this stuff as much as we do!

4 comments on “Absorbing the Sun ~ simple spiritual morning practice to increase your energy x
  1. Regina on said:

    Thank you for this sharing, to see through you the embodiment of life that we strive towards to know that it is possible indeed…

  2. Happy New Year to you both, your families and the world. I am so happy that you found time to simply be with each other. Truly awesome and ore inspiring.

    Love and blessings to you always.


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