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Lyza Saint Ambrosena


“I never judge the way a treatment session will evolve based on a person’s ailment, or presenting symptoms. I just know that once a person lays down on my table the healing will occur in a way that is perfect for each person. This has been proven to me a thousand times.” Lyza

Lyza Saint Ambrosena has practiced Cranial Sacral Therapy, Energy Healing Bodywork, Regeneration Therapy, and more internationally in New York, Los Angeles, New Zealand and Australia since 1990.

Lyza Saint Ambrosena channels energy through her hands and body, directed by a series of healing guides. This opens hearts, heals old mindsets, and regenerates bodies, while also delivering life changing soul reconnection. She often works with other healers to enhance their connection to guidance for their healing, uses her psychic medium ship when required for healing also.

Lyza facilitates regular healing meditation events offering opportunities to reconnect with your core essence. Teaching ancient and current techniques that strength your ability to reach your Infinite Potential.

Although Lyza has studied a far reaching range of therapeutic techniques, it is not the technique that is transformational in her work, it is her compassion and intuition that encourages hearts to open, minds to let go, and bodies to heal.

Lyza began her journey as a therapist when as a young child she was able to feel the physical and emotional pain of others and learned that she had the ability to heal this with touch and compassion. Lyza learned a variety of eastern and western techniques for physical and personal transformation while at University and while traveling internationally.

With this Global transformation upon us, both internally and for the planet as a whole, we are uncovering the need to return to a deep state of inner peace and optimal health.

“Whether I am simply holding my hands near your heart, or solar plexus, or I am working on your skull, your feet or gently pulsing your body… I am in complete and utter trust of the healing process.

I know the healing and releasing is occurring and will continue long after you leave my presence and the healing session itself. Often once you have confirmed your appointment with me, the healing begins then. I have had clients whom I have never met, cry with relief once their appointment has been made over the phone, as if a tap has finally been opened to surrender their grief, sadness or pain.

I am so deeply grateful for the experience of each healing session and for the privilege of working with every client who has chosen me to assist them on their journey to wellness.”

“Every single person I do healing work on is healing me.

   Every session I complete, I am more complete, and

   Every healing that opens a doorway into another person’s heart is opening my heart more deeply.”

         Thank you, I love you already,”


About Lyza