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~ Create your life as you choose

~ Open your heart to new relationships.

~ Heal old relationships that no longer serve you.

~ Heal patterns that have held you back

~ Heal your parents patterns that exist within you.

Reconnect to your source of joy and peace.

By channeling energy through her hands and body Lyza is able to heal old mindsets , and release grief, patterns, habits, self sabotage and anger, reconnecting you with your innate powerful potential for happiness, success, loving realtionships, wealth, intuition and health.


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ONE on ONE Sessions


Treatments for Women

After just one healing session many feel as if a great weight has been lifted resulting in healing relationships, and a healthier, happier, more creative and passionate life.

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Treatments for Men

Using light touch to release pressure on the vertebrae, neck & Skull can instantly change men’s biochemical patterns in life.

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For Children

Treatment For Children

Sessions are gentle, non-invasive for the child & focus on returning the body & mind back to a harmonious state. Parents often say “Thank you for giving me my child back”.

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Treatment For Couples

Lyza has worked with hundreds of clients as a couple helping to create a more rewarding relationship experience.


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Join us for fantastic events that inspire happier, healthier and wealthier living. Meditation, Raw Food Courses, Spiritual Development Workshops, Live inspirational music & more.

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Private Channeling


A session with Lyza where she is directly “Channelling Divine Guidance” opens up your own guidance and intuition and can be life changing both internally & externally.

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  • Recent Feedback

    I prayed and prayed for help, and then you appeared like an angel. I’m so very grateful for the work that you do, and I feel so blessed that my prayers have been answered. I’m looking forward to my next sesession with you next week Lyza and I thank you with all of my heart. Finally the healing has begun and I can start to breath and have a quiet sense of calm knowing I’m on my way. Big hugs and big love to you from me. Xox

Plagued by negative entities or energy? Tips that Help with Lyza Saint Ambrosena

Often I am asked by clients for ways to help clear Negative energies from their lives, their homes or their loved ones,… here are my most common responses… STRAIGHTEN UP: Stay away from drugs or alcohol , till you feel stronger and positive… not only are these DEPRESSANTS  these can have a detrimental affect on […]

Taking Time Out to Recharge!

Last weekend Cameron and I cast off down the Tweed River, hiring a Houseboat, taking a well deserved weekend off. Not only did we feel Recharged and Rested, we came home feeling motivated, inspired and encouraged with what we do,how we do it and how long we want to keep doing it for.We loved every […]


  Changing perspective even slightly can change our lives from ordinary to AMAZING. Try these 10 ways: 1.GIVE COMPLIMENTS or THINGS – tell someone they look great, or they did a great job, or draw attention to their positivity –  it makes them and you happy and can make their day. Give someone something meaningful to them […]

Women Healing Women

Many of my clients lately have been healing and transforming their relationships with other women… more specifically their relationships with sisters and mothers… these formative relationships can have a very powerful impact on the relationships we will have for the rest of our lives. At the core is the desire for respect, the need for […]

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